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MultiZone Security Is Hardware-enforced Software-defined SecurityThe First Trusted Execution Environment for RISC-VMultiple Equally Secure ZonesThe First Secure IoT Stack For RISC-VCommercial GradeThe First Linux Enclave For RISC-VFor SiFiveAvailable NowFor MicrochipRoyalty FreeFor MicrosemiBased On Free and Open StandardsFor AndesFor CodasipFor Bare Metal ApplicationsFor Alibaba C-SkyA Breakthrough From Secure / Non-Secure WorldsFor FreeRTOSHigh Availability For Safety Critical SystemsFor LinuxFormally VerifiableFor AdaBuilt From Scratch For RISC-VFor WolfSSLPolicy-DrivenFor picoTCPCompliant With RISC-V Specs 1.10For 32-bit rv32i processorsFault TolerantFor 32-bit rv32e processorsReally Fastfor 64-bit rv64i processorsConfigurable In MinutesFast Time-To-Market for Secure ApplicationsIsolation for Untrusted 3rd Party LibrariesFirmware Supply Chain SecurityThe Safest Way To Port Legacy CodeHardware-enforced Separation of DataFor Rocket CoresHardware-enforced Separation of BinariesFor PULP CoresThe Culmination of Best Practices in Embedded SecurityHardware-Enforced Boundary for Root Of TrustIsolation Of Open Source LibrariesHardware-Enforced Boundary For Crypto KeysHardware-Enforced Boundary For Crypto LibrariesFor Real Time Operating SystemsHardware-Enforced Boundary for PUFSecure BootRoot Of TrustHardware-Enforced Separation of SoC PeripheralsProperly Implemented Memory ProtectionCompletely Self-ContainedCompiler and Library AgnosticCost EffectiveSecurity Retrofit For Existing ApplicationsFor Mixed-Criticality Systems

What Hex Five's MultiZone Security Can Do For You

Hardware-Grade Security

Formally verifiable, hardware-enforced software-defined trusted execution environments using standard RISC-V ISA. This enables complete isolation of programs and data between untrusted applications or exposed attack surfaces and safety-critical code segments.

Lightweight and Fast

Consumes less than 1KB of RAM and <1% of CPU. Supports ultrafast zone switching and preemtable user-mode interrupts. MultiZone Security is written entirely in assembly and has no dependencies on external libraries or runtimes.

Simple Integration

Requires no additional cores, specialized hardware or changes to existing code. With the policy-based configurator a system can be up and running with HexFive’s MultiZone Security in minutes.

Why Hex Five?

MultiZone Security is the culmination of the embedded security best practices developed over the last decade and now applied to RISC-V processors. No more secure vs. not secure worlds: MultiZone Security provides policy-based hardware-enforced separation for an unlimited number of security domains, with full control over data, code and peripherals.

Contrary to traditional solutions, MultiZone Security requires no additional hardware, dedicated cores or clunky programming models. Open source libraries, third party binaries and legacy code can be configured in minutes to achieve unprecedented levels of safety and security.

Proud Member of the RISC-V Foundation

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