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MultiZone Trusted Firmware for Cortex-M

The quick and safe way to build high-grade security applications with any Cortex-M processor

The MultiZone® Trusted Firmware is the quick and safe way to build secure IoT applications with any Cortex-M processor. It provides secure access to IoT clouds, real-time monitoring, secure boot, and remote firmware updates. The built-in Trusted Execution Environment provides hardware-enforced separation to shield the execution of trusted applications from untrusted 3rd party libraries.

Complete IoT firmware optimized for Cortex-M:

  • Provides secure access to any IoT clouds, secure boot, remote firmware updates, etc.
  • Rapid development: pre-integrated TEE, TCP/IP/MQTT, TLS/ECC, FreeRTOS, GCC, Eclipse
  • Built-in Trusted Execution Environment providing up to 4 separated “secure worlds”
  • Retrofits existing projects: high-security separation without the need for a redesign
  • Convenient alternative to TrustZone® for any Cortex-M ® devices – M0+/M3/M4/M7
  • Commercial open source license: no GPL contamination, no royalties, priced per design

The MultiZone® IoT Firmware works with any Cortex-M processor with standard Memory Protection Unit (MPU). For a quick start we recommend the Renesas EK-RA6M3 development kit  based on the RA6M3  Cortex -M3 @120MHz and fully integrated with Renesas e2 Studio IDE and FSP drivers.

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